Remember 11 September, 2001

Three Ty
                  Bluejays, watching me work.

A Blue Jay Festival
Hidey hole for 'James and the Blue jay'
his web site is named for the brightly colored, annoyingly loud blue jay, and it is my immodest effort at self-promotion.  Herein are my stories,  poems, a few drawings, as well as links to a few favorite comics.
    Like the jay-bird, I hope to entertain folks with some of the baubles and bangles found along the wanderway.
    Many things please me, from the color and scent of flowers in the field to the music of frogs and katydids on the creeks along the road. The world is a beautiful place. I want to see more of it.
                                -- The James --
    Jack of Some Trades, Master of None, an inarticulate person with an inconsistent knack for saying the right word at the same time I put my foot into my mouth. 
    What the heck. I talk too much anyway, I might as well tell stories.

Maunderings and Assorted Doggerel: Electronic Poetry Don't Know a Tree
In the interest of reader comfort, and since many folks do not enjoy wading through
the cow patties to get to the pond, I have moved my literary efforts and/or offenses to
a separate page.
Wanderway: (noun) 1. A street or path.  2. A method of discovery, utilizing Serendipity, 
Brownian Movement, and the Drunkard's Walk.  3. A philosophy of life. 

Others may choose their ordered course
  with minutes planned throughout the day
Knowing what sights will meet their gaze
  Knowing exactly what words to say
Yet in this somber surety, I pray
I care not what path others may take,
  but for me, I go the wanderway.

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Hit Counter Visitors have graced these halls,
Since this website came to be
But I can't let that go to my head,
'Cause I think most of them was me.

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- James and the Bluejay