Being a compendium of images set forth from journeys into the Ozark Mountains.  Date: October 22.

Much of the country-side (below a line running thru Searcy to Conway) is still lush green, albeit showing a golden edge. If you're lucky.

The following examples are from Hwy 5 north of Mountain View. This one shows the orange brown of color brought on by dry heat.

This is a canyon overlook on Hwy 5, looking west into the sunset.  Some color, but not a whole lot.

Heading back down Hwy 5, this scene along the White River shows mottled color on the hills over green farmlands.

North of Mountain View.  There are some trees showing color, but they are random.

Hwy 14 toward Blanchard Springs.  Higher elevations show the best color.  Still not profound, yet, as evidenced by the sumac which is still part green.