ASHES - A Cinderella Story

'Ashes - A Cinderella Story' is fanfiction - an original story based on characters depicted in someone else's artistic work.  In this case, the other works are Ranma 1/2 and Ah! My Goddess! (with a cameo from Card Captor Sakura)  (latest update: 10/27/2008 )

Lyn Daniel's delightful impression of Cind-chan Chapter One - Three Threads
Chapter Two - If Wishes were Pigs
Chapter Three - Friends
Chapter Four - Drawing Closer, Getting Caught
Chapter Five - A Primrose by Any Other Name
Chapter Six - Reassurances (Not)
Chapter Seven - Don't Look Back
Chapter Eight - Someone to Care For
Chapter Nine - Mommy Dearest
Chapter Ten - Monster Mine
Chapter Eleven - I Shall Punish You!
Chapter Twelve - Sundered Soul 
Chapter Thirteen - When you Wish upon a Rock Star
Chapter Fourteen - Words That Make a Woman
Chapter Fifteen- As Your Last Chance Slips Away
Chapter Sixteen - Go All Out Against Your Love
Chapter Seventeen - There is No 'Happily Ever After'
Chapter Eighteen/Epilog - Scattered Threads

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Ninety-Nine Steps
Erratta: Assorted Spoilers and Excuses

I prefer to let the story explain itself.  All I can promise for the moment is that it contains Fairy God-Mothers (sort of), goddesses and demonesses, and acts of random entertainment.  
Ashes: A Cinderella Story is also on R.A.A.C. under 'Ranma'.

Guest Artists

Hiroko.jpg (24716 bytes)

Renee Cousins' depiction 
of Hiroko (Hiroshi-chan).

Disclaimer: Rumiko Takahashi and Viz and a whole bunch more have dibs on Ranma et al; Fujishima Kousuke and Animeigo take credit for associating Urd of Norse mythology with kawaii features and a computer engineering degree, Cinderella is an old fairy tale, which leaves me with Hainoko and Kidori, who are derivative and belong to everyone. Basho belongs to himself.  Not to worry, since I don't figure on making any money off this, anyway.  Any reference to any actual person or group is purely unintentional (except for historical figures like Elvis).
Note: Although those characters belong to their respective owners, this story belongs to me.  Please ask before you reproduce it, in part or in whole.  Free for the asking, but please ask.

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