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James and the Bluejay
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comments from Simpaticos:

I'm finally posting something in this box!
Whee!  First one here! 
Thank you for your work.  Funny, yet a touch of seriousness.
Got lost in the story at the last chapters.  Been a while since I read them. 
But anyways, thank you!

And thank you!  I have had some excellent e-mails over the years, but this section of my site has been vastly under-used.  It's a shame - I'd really like to chat with my readers in this format, so I'm going to pay more attention to it.  Well, anyway, I can ramble on about what's going on and maybe someone will chime in once in a while.  

Ashes - A Cinderella Story:
Good story... I've been keeping tabs on it for a long time now, and it's nice to know that some authors see things through to completion.  I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned next... 

On writing -  'The Adventures of Macho Caballo' is moving slowly, but it IS moving.  Comments like these give me the  boost I need to divert writing time to the important stuff.  

The Comics Page:
07/01/2004 10:23 AM
My favorite in Pasquale is Biker Rose. In addition to being warm, delightful, full of love and romance, wild and yet responsible, she is one hot chick.  (Andy Max)

I agree, Andy! I have to feel that the artist, Pat Brady, really let's loose all inhibitions when he pictures her.  Although Pasquale's angel is my favorite, she is certainly a close second.  ^_^

To those of you who have emailed from other areas, Thanks and Gracias!
Good fortune to you,