El Caldero/The Cauldron (Where everything comes together)
This is a list of on-going themes and plot threads which add color, glamour and obligatory conflict, angst and friction.
Oh, yes...and maybe a little romance.  ^_^
  • Ramon just wants to be a normal guy, but everything seems to conspire against him.  Exactly where does all that hot water come from, anyway?
  • Red Cloud loves Ramon.  She has been given the power to turn into a jaguar and assigned by the women's council as his/her protector, but her love for him is forbidden.
  • Estrellita loves Ramon.  Or maybe Sandy.  Or maybe both.
  • Wolf Walker loves Lucha, but he has this terrible secret.
  • Lucha likes Wolf Walker, but she thinks he prefers boys.
  • Angie Comstock loves Lonesome, who loves freedom.  Or maybe he does like her, only she is so darn possessive.
  • Lonesome flirts with Lucha, because she is cute and independent, but mostly because it irritates the heck out of Wolf Walker.
  • Sandy likes Estrellita, but the thought of love makes him panic.

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