Picture Pages for The Adventures of Macho Caballo
Illustrations are copyright Lyn Daniel (Please check with her before using pictures)

Part 2: The Search for the Sister

PART2.JPG (26455 bytes)
Group shot for Part II -
left to right, top to bottom:
Lonesome, Wolf Walker,
Sandy, Estrellita, Ramon, Red Cloud,
and Machita.   

MACHOSMI.JPG (51414 bytes)
Machita smiles.  

Machorc2.jpg (36281 bytes)
Ramon and Sandy discuss recipes.  

Machowk2.jpg (23924 bytes)
Estrellita winks at Sandy. 

MACHOGN2.JPG (79094 bytes)
Sandy resolves to accompany Ramon. 

Gulp.jpg (21321 bytes)

LONESOME.JPG (82475 bytes)

Machowof.jpg (24068 bytes)
Wolf Walker-cub faces the Dollmaker.

MACHOWAR.JPG (32064 bytes)
Kaliche and Machack. 

machojag.jpg (169067 bytes)

Macholik.jpg (36267 bytes)
Sandy takes a licking. 

Machohug.jpg (23918 bytes)
Machita hugs Sandy.  

Machoknf.jpg (26579 bytes)
Lonesome. Knife. Worried Guard.

Machojal.jpg (30856 bytes)
Sandy rescues Estrellita from jail. 

MACHOHMM.JPG (35587 bytes)
Rosita and Wolf Walker. 

MACHOPUP.JPG (43042 bytes)
Rosita has found a pet. 

MACHOTAK.JPG (39749 bytes)
Wolf Walker takes his clothes back. 

MACHOMUM.JPG (37205 bytes)
"You ain't seen him bounce," said Sandy.  "Not the *parts* that
bounce anyways," he added under his breath.

MACHOWLK.JPG (39292 bytes)
Estrellita and Sandy go for a walk. 

MACHORIP.JPG (43159 bytes)
Machack releasing pent up hostility. 

MACHOROO.JPG (74440 bytes)
Ma Brown takes a tired Estrellita to her room. 

MACHOKEW.JPG (29826 bytes)
Estrellita and children.

Machofum.jpg (21202 bytes)
Machita fumes at the way Bluenose has treated her. 

MACHOARG.JPG (35561 bytes)
Trader Larribee 

MACHOBIT.JPG (38673 bytes)
Mare munches muffin. 

MACHOBLO.JPG (28628 bytes)
Yucca Blossom 

MACHODOG.JPG (39258 bytes)
Will sics the dogs on Sandy 

MACHOENG.JPG (38463 bytes)
This is my fiance. 

MACHOESO.JPG (44350 bytes)
Angie Comstock 

MACHOSUN.JPG (39441 bytes)
Machita and atlatl. 

MACHOLUL.JPG (32250 bytes)
Lucha and Lonesome. 

machowwl.jpg (21299 bytes)
"She's...beautiful!"  Wolf Walker sees Lucha. 


ESTALLO.JPG (80210 bytes)
Estrellita in anger 

ESPUMA2.JPG (35415 bytes)