While at Guam, I managed to swing a couple of trips to Japan, for training and for vacation.  Flying presented its own unique set of challenges - when you went space-available, you took what you could get.  I wanted to see everything, all the way there and back, no matter that the trip was all over water.  Naturally, I had a few apprehensions about what I would see when I looked out the plexi-glass windows:
.windowseat1.jpg (15806 bytes)

windowseat3.jpg (55238 bytes)

windowseat4.jpg (57506 bytes)

  The flight attendants were very helpful in overcoming our fears of flying :
windowseat5.jpg (52469 bytes)

We were glad to be reassured, especially when the flight was delayed because of engine repairs:
windowseat2.jpg (32135 bytes)
The picture is blurred, but the box says - 'Rubber Bands'.  (Hey, I never claimed to be a professional! ^_^)