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The Adventures of Macho Caballo
Part I

The Adventures of Macho Caballo
Part I - The Spirit of the Spring

     In 1830s Mexico, a boy named Ramon visits a hot spring and finds he has a problem - whenever he is splashed with hot water, he turns into a girl!  Of course, in hot, dry air, any water you find should be cold.  
     Then where is all that hot water coming from?
(Fantasy/Magical Realism)
Inspired by Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2

"The Adventures of Macho Caballo" (ebook)
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The Adventures of Macho Caballo Part II
Looking For Lucha

     Ramon sets out to find his older sister, raised in northern Mexico by the Apache. The valiant plan is complicated by his friends, enemies and grandfather brujo, all of whom have their own reasons for coming along. Red Cloud wants to protect him, Estrellita wants to marry him, the Yankee named Sandy goes along to help, Wolf Walker wants to thwart Ramon and regain Red Cloud for his own, and his grandfather the witch-doctor (Brujo) won't tell what he's up to.

Fantasy/Magical Realism)

(Best of Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Awards,
3rd Place, April 2000, Chapter 35)

"Looking for Lucha"
is available on Smashwords

also on Amazon

The Adventures of Macho Caballo
Part III - Dance of the Mountain Gods
(Under Construction)

     El Caldero - The pressure cooker for the folks in Macho Caballo

New Stuff: A 'pressure cooker' page for Macho Caballo Part II, El Caldero.

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